Monday, November 24, 2008

Another Fabulous Glitter Class

Shelley and I attended another fabulous glitter class at Clipper Street. We have so much fun with glitter. It gets all over us, on our faces, our clothes, and in our purses. Lori, the teacher is really good, great instructor. So lets see what kind of wonderful things we did. A cute card done with Die Cuts and rub-ons.
Another card made with die cuts and glitter. You have got to love Sookwang Tape and glitter. I LOVE GLITTER!!! Cute card. Lori has great designs.
Saved the best for last. I have never used this much glitter on one card before. I like using the die cuts. I of course had to be different and put snow on my trees.I am very happy with how this one turned out. Now I just have to find an envelope and a friend to hand deliver the card to. (cause this one is too heavy to mail)

BC Creative Expo

My friend Shelley and her friend Lee attended the BC Creative Expo with me, the weekend of the 7th. We stayed at the Waterfront Fairmont and attended classes and shopping at the Convention Center. It was cool to have the valet get our bags and take the car. I like getting spoiled! Three girls on the loose shopping for craft supplies, what could be better?

We spent one night on the town drinking lots of great Bellini's and a pitcher of Lemon Drops. WOOHOO!!

We spent three days at the expo and went to some classes. The first class we attended was a mess. It was supposed to be a "Christmas Cards with a Twist" class. The twist was that the instructor had no idea it was supposed to be a x-mas class. This is the card I made in the class. It's a bit tacky but I did my best with what we were given.

Shelley and I had a ball in our last class. It was a "Stencil Magic" class. We learned some fun stuff and really enjoyed how organized the instructor was.

We were given the following stencil in the class. We used embossing paste and Pearlescent Powder. I think the card turned out pretty well.

For this next card we used white embossing paste, which to our surprise pulled the colour up off the paper as it dried. I'm not sure it needed extra bling but I was in the mood for more sparkle.

For this card we learned some cool stuff. We were able to use brass stencils on glitter tape. We just have to coat the stencil with vegetable soap, or as my friend Shelley discovered, PAM! We are ecstatic about this new technique. I like the card.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Christmas is coming!!!!

I have been trying to get my Christmas cards made early. I was at the BC Creative Expo this weekend and managed to get a few done and learn how to do even more. As you will see I have fallen madly in love with glitter. I also have a new appreciation for all of my old (and new) brass stencils. ENJOY!

I just love my Cuttlebug! I don't know how I've lived without it for so long. I use it for almost everything.

More Glitter!

You have to look hard at this next card but on the left is a stocking done with Embossing Paste and more Glitter!